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Last in the series of Cold Feet was great, I love it :o)

But poor David - he shoulda bitch slapped Jon Pertwee's son into next week for what he did. And Karen is just a bitch. But yay for everybody else :o)

I'm kinda living on borrowed time now - it's only a matter of hours before I pass out, I'm sure. I've only been awake 30 hours, but that's long enough, I think. Just got to stay awake until a bit later, so that I get a proper night of sleep, or something :o)

Random: Why does the hottest girl in American Pie (Jessica) not hook up with anybody? It defies convention. Sorry, just a totally random and useless thought. I get them a lot when I'm this tired :o)

Random 2: And has Seann William Scott ever played a non-annoying character in anything?

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hes not all that annoying in jay and silent bob strike back...

I'm sorry, did you miss the point of his character completely?

He is such an annoying pig fucker...

Obviously by pig I meant sheep ;-)

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