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Right, assignment
My assignment is to be the proof (first ever, as far as I am aware) of the conjecture that by choosing artificially contructed nodes as late as possible, one will always obtain the least variable possible Huffman code. Sounds complicated? Well, it's not really. I mean, I'm trying to prove the obvious, and so there must be a simple answer. I hope.

I have decided that The Ataris - Not A Worry In The World is a work of musical genius. The following are the reasons
00:34 - 01:04: The lead guitar bit just sounds so damned cool, in my opinion, all through that bit
01:33 - 01:41: Lead guitar bit again
01:53 - 01:57: The drums over the line "I'll always be your friend" seriously rule
Just in general, it's a great song, and stuff :o)

So anyhow, bored and sleepy. Resisting the urge to go to bed right now, it'd be bad for me.... But it's so tempting. I also need feeding :o\

Update: So I bought pizza... *sigh*


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