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Is it morning?
Times of day really are arbitrary concessions to a way of life that died around the same time that street lights were installed in all urban areas. I'm not entirely sure who perpetuates this curious custom, but they're guilty of contributing to the social detachment of anybody who wants to live by different hours, by forcing "normal" society to operate within given hours. Certainly, a degree of organisation is required, and the present situation enables maximum social contact for all those who conform to the normal living hours, but for the minority who do not social contact is stunted due to a shortage in numbers. Surely a better system could be devised whereby at any given time, a sufficient proportion of society is operating that social contact is possible 24/7. Or am I asking too much? :o)

I guess sometimes you get so used to things that you can't throw them away even if it's for the best. Odd quirk of humanity, that... :o)


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