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When I'm dreaming, I need you to believe in
A prestigious number of Flonk Points are available to anybody who can identify that song lyric. I've checked with Google and I can't find it on there, so I'm confident that none of you can cheat. Few of you will even be in a position to answer, since most of you will (fortunately) never have come into contact with the song in question.

The sky was looking really nice earlier. I remember when I was 4 or 5 (perhaps younger), I used to watch the dawn from my window. Confusingly, my window (unless I'm very much mistaken) faced North, so... Well, North East, I guess... Anyhow, so yeah, when I was little, I used to look at the sun coming up. I certainly did after we moved to the house we're in now when I was 6, because the window faced East. Although I didn't have the bed by the window at that time. Anyway, I'm babbling.

My points are two-fold. Firstly, despite the fact that it would mean lots of stairs between me and everywhere, it'd be cool to be in the room currently occupied by Harry (with her not in it) - the view is quite stunning. The back of the house faces East, and from the top floor you can see right across the city, the dawn must look amazing.

The second point, vaguely, is that I've only lived in, like, 6 places in my life. And I can't remember one of them, because I was only like a year old when we moved. And that's including our caravan in Wales, because over the 15 or so years I visited it, I must've spent almost two years in total there. Which is, you know, quite a lot. I often think about how things were down there - games of truth or dare with all the girls, hunting each other in the pitch black with torches, surfing, going on walks up the mountains, that sort of thing...

The point that follows from that, about me living here, is that I've adapted to it really fast. When I went home last weekend, I found it hard to get up and down the stairs, because I was used to the height and spacing etc. of the stairs here. The stairs at home only confused me, and tried to trip me up.

I don't know where I'm going with any of this, so I'll just shut up now I think :o)

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"games of truth or dare with all the girls, hunting each other in the pitch black with torches, surfing, going on walks up the mountains"

I miss the good ol' days...

north and south were resposible for that song... i don't remember the name of the song and Kazaa holds no clues... its was in the mid '90s they also had a tv show on bbc1 mebbe u could try them? they were the ones with that green haired fool....

The song was indeed North and South - Breathing. But I don't think admitting you know it makes you look so cool..... ;o)

but admitting you've listen to it is a heinous crime... btw whats a flonk point? car it be exchanged with beer tokens? whaddya mean no??? no fair :(

when i'm dreaming, i need you to believe in

i know a song those lyrics come from and it's not on google, but i don't know if it's the one you want.

there was a series on kids tv years ago, which featured the band north south. i can't remember the name of the song for sure but it may be called breathe in you. it was by the band in the series. there were two guys and two girls in north south.

anyway, as i said this may notbe what your looking for but i have been trying o find this song for ages.

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