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And again!
As soon as I get to the computer labs, it turns sunny. This is by no means anything short of a global weather conspiracy, and I want it stopped.

So, had my first lecture of the day earlier - maths. Once more, it was unbearably easy, recapping a-level work. Oh well, I'm not complaining... After that, Claire and myself went to the poster fair to buy some things to decorate the walls. We bought two posters, which are now up alongside the big bold "F**K OFF" (only it's not censored on the poster) one. The posters read "TEQUILA: Have you hugged your toilet today?" and "MARIJUANA: Hey, at least it's not crack!". I have to say that I find both highly entertaining, and they were well worth the money...

Anyway, after that we went to the Freshers fair, but I didn't sign up for anything again. Some idiot gave me a silly Conservative Future pamphlet. I inserted it into his body, and moved along (note: this may not be an entirely factual account of events). I picked up a nice Young Socialists thing (doubt I'll even bother with it mind - just felt the need to reassert my left wing views), and something about cheap books. Oh, and something on abolishing fees - bit bloody late now, really - could've done with that a few months ago. Anyhow, the point (if there is one), is that I have been Taking An Interest today. I then went back to the flat, to find the cleaners there. Went to my room for a while to listen to some music and read a bit, then watched Neighbours. After that, I decided that having not eaten in the last 24 hours was probably a bad thing, so I went to forage in the fridge. I put butter, marmite and peanut butter into a saucepan, and heated for a while making a molten paste not unlike tar. I then ate cheese and ham, using said paste as a dip. Unfortunately, it didn't taste as nice as it should have done. But at least I ate. I'm thinking of picking up some vitamin tablets later just to make sure I stay in a state of "Living".

Still haven't bought vouchers for the phone. Had text messages from Jude and my father, and have been unable to respond to either. Oh well. Dad, in answer to your question, yes there was a certain degree of flooding here, and Bramber house (where the Grapevine bar, the post office, and the shop are located) had to be sandbagged up due to some very deep flood water on the road outside it. Additionally, the tarmac in front of the SMS building was flooded. However, since I live on a hill, and since I can get into the building from the rear door, none of this affected me...

I may try my credit cards on my phone again, but I don't think it'll work. I'll try my Barclaycard again, just in case that begins to work, but I doubt it. Grrr... Cross...

Anyway, I'm going to make good use of the sunshine, and trek back to my flat for a drink and some music. I shall be back later, perhaps, since I have a lecture at 6pm, and may well use the computers afterwards (it's a programming lecture, see...). Bye for now

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Oh I see, I shall let you off then, and await a reply when you can afford it.
: )

Nothing wrong with Conservative Future...

*awaits tedious and probably innaccurate anti-Conservative rant*


Re: Nothing wrong with Conservative Future...

No chance. I shall merely say "WTF are you on about you stupid right-wing twit?!?". I haven't the energy to explain why it is that the Tories suck balls, I leave that up to them to demonstrate for me.

Re: Nothing wrong with Conservative Future...

Me? Right Wing? Hahahaaha ha hahah ahhah hahhahahah ahahaaha ahha haaa

Tories are excellent.

Re: Nothing wrong with Conservative Future...

You sir, suck.

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