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Harry Potter Movie: Good, but could've been better (they missed out too much of the stuff in the book in my opinion). Quiddich was predictably great.

Lord of the Rings Trailer: Still gives me tingles when I watch it

Episode 2 Trailer: I have to see this movie, it's looking so great :o)

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Harry Potter movie - it was originially an 4 and half hour film, but they knew it's too long for young kids, so they took off some of the films. :(

I'm hoping they will release the full film on DVD soon...

YUSS, Episode 2!!!!! When's it supposed to be released?

*whine* So far away ...

I've been to see Potter now, woohoo! So sad I cried 3 times. Go on say your worse webs.

It's hard to know exactly what to say...

... you wuss!!

I only almost cried during it, and it wasn't three times. There was the time when he's looking into the mirror and sees his parents, and the bit at the end when Hagrid gives him the photo album. :o)

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