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What the hell is the point of clubs anyway? I mean really... I'm suddenly finding myself disillusioned with this whole student culture thing. :o(

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The idea?
Sell a load over priced beer and the like to people.
It is a way of blowing off steam, loosening up.

Sometimes good, but not always.

It just serves to confuse and annoy. I have decided I hate clubs :o)

A smidge premature, as you are young

Go to a decent club.

I recommend Cream wholeheartedly.

Bit of a hike from Brighton though.

I've been to many clubs. This conclusion is the result of lots of experimentation etc.

I hate them. Especially now.

I can see that I will have trouble convincing you.

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will you just shut the fuck up? i mean it! you really piss me off because you're such a moron.

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student culture sucks. the only thing students have in common is that they study. the rest of us have in common that we are alive, which is just as unique.

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