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Reasons I shouldn't read the news...
Here is a bandwagon. Here is f'cking Israel jumping on it...
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has won his cabinet's backing to declare the Palestinian Authority an "entity that supports terror".
Country-squatting morons. It's just an excuse to throw ordnance at the Palestinians with the backing of the rest of the world. If Hamas decides to send a few suicide bombers at the Israelies, then Israel decides to use Helicopter Gunships and F-16s against the Palestinian government - what is wrong with this picture?
Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo denied the charges of terrorism, saying that Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip was "the source of terrorism", and that Israel's actions were making the prospects of peace more remote.
Bingo. Freaking morons...
Mr Sharon said Israel would "chase those responsible for terrorism... those who carry it out will pay the price".
Here's that bandwagon again. I wonder if anybody ever told Israel that whether you commit acts of terrorism with suicide bombers, or tanks and helicopters, it's still terrorism and it's not right. Just because it's state- and west-sponsored when Israel commits it, that doesn't mean it's not terrorism and doesn't mean it's not wrong. Of course, they're too far up their own arses to understand that, so I guess any political commentary from me is just wasted. But I have to vent somewhere, so...

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doomed to repeat history whether you know it or not

One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter, just as "anti-terrorism" is synonymous with "oppressive regime."

Pass the butter.

Re: doomed to repeat history whether you know it or not

except that freedom fighters don't intentionally bomb innocent civilians.

Re: doomed to repeat history whether you know it or not

Yes they do

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