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I am not awake
No, really, I'm not. Or shouldn't be. One of the two.

My rheumatism is playing me up, I woke up about half an hour ago with a massive headache and pain in my left knee (the former being due to dehydration). I hate when that happens. Fortunately, water and heat-spray work on those two problems respectively.
Got out of bed today
I'm alive what can I say
I'm really happy to be
Somewhere with someone who makes me happy
Yesterday, Jimbo asked why he's not allowed to read my journal. Which is kinda funny, since although I obviously expressly forbid all my flatmates from reading it, I never thought any of them would pay much attention to that "rule". Harry read some of it back last Christmas, Alex read it at Easter, and Claire would never have any interest in it anyway. I'm half tempted to give him the address, but I'd be forever watching what I say just in case :o)
Here I am sitting on the beach again
Watching as the tide comes rolling in.
I miss the times when I looked into your eyes
I should be awake in a couple of hours or so, to go to my lecture. Although today is an awkward day, since some of my stuff isn't running, and as such, a large amount of the day is gonna be spent just hanging around. Unless, of course, I just come home. Which also works :o)


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