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Going home later on - had to watch a movie first. If I were anybody else I'd ask why I have to escape out of this reality for at least 10% of every day for the last little while, or ask why it is that I spent this morning waking up every hour, then going back to sleep just so I could continue the series of dreams I was having. But this is me, and I have no illusions about why.

So anyway, today's movie is LA Confidential. Good movie :o)

Part of my dreams last night were weird - I was in classes again, and was just thinking to myself "God, I've not been in this class for like, over a year, I must be so far behind" before I realised that I was in Chemistry class, and had in fact graduated from high school 18 months ago, which was why I hadn't been there :o)

Anyway, I guess I'll be going home sometime soon, if I can just be bothered... Coursework deadlines for a week on Thursday - 4% of the year depends on them. Oh, and a Stats project too. Ho hum :o\


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