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In spite of the world...
Time to go back home to Uni. I'm leaving as soon as I get up tomorrow, which means sometime around 2:30pm I guess...
If only you could know that growing up means letting go
Maybe then you'd grow up by yourself.
I wonder how many times I've grown up and not let it affect me, just carried on regardless. I'd try to make this one different, but I know I'll never manage it. Perhaps growing up is for other people :o)

Wonder when I'll start to feel tired tonight. I'm 20 now, presumably I'll be getting sleepy earlier, on account of being old or something (you'd think, to hear Jen talk about my age ;o)

Right now, TMA and I are trying to trick each other into seeing bad movies. I'm trying to get him to watch The Hole to punish him, and he's trying to make me watch Citizen Kane. There are reasons we don't follow each others' movie recommendations :o)

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Citizen Kane rocks, watch it bitch.

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