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Oh well...
The AI lecture I had at 11:30 was cancelled, and the Programming lectures start next week, so I have the rest of the day off - finishing at 10:05 is such a good feeling :o)

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Well who ever said that you university lot were lazy sods, was, absolutely correct. :)

I went to bed for 6 hours. Does that help the laziness thing at all? :o)

You must be gutted!

I assume that you will take yourself off to the library and do masses of self study.

Imagine how good you will feel, several hours of hard reading followed by a wholesome dinner and an early night!


Maybe someday, eh? :o)

try nothing for the whole of wednesday, nothing on monday mornings or friday afternoons...
and that's just for starters :P

5 lectures a week and 5 seminars a fortnight.
3 hours of BSL a week.

that's my social sciences university life.
fun, innit? ;)

(of course, all that lovely free time is going to be used to get all the reading i've got to do done. not getting up late at all. oh no. *grin*)

Yea well... Some of us (on difficult courses) have to do at least some work... ;o)

and I missed it :o( You wouldnt have had to worry about me and hence would have enjoyed it more, tsk

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