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What a night...
To say the concert sucked would be harsh, but not untrue. To say it ruled would be generous, but also not untrue. Allow me to explain...

Firstly, the support band - now they were really good. Their name was Crashland, and anybody who sees anything of theirs ought to buy it. They're currently touring with Reef, and were rather good - especially the nice dazed/stoned expression on their lead singer (very blur-esque). The songs were genuinely good, the guitar work was fantastic, yadda yadda, you don't care.

So anyhow, got there an hour before the doors opened, and so we got out onto the floor really early and at one point there was just one person between myself and the stage (in fact, for the whole of the support act, and for the first few EC songs). Unfortunately, their set went something like:
  1. Santa Monica
  2. Amphetamine
  3. Heroin Girl
  4. .....
This basically meant that they played all the really rocking songs early on, turning the entire place into a frenzy of jumping around. I myself got chinned a right shiner, and would have gone down, were it not for many many people being between me and the floor as I became horizontal. Anyhow, the point was that I decided to move back a safe distance, and observe from where all the boring people were. If I hadn't had my mobile and wallets in my pockets, things would have been different, but I didn't wish to lose either, so...

Anyhow, as soon as Amphetamine came on, the entire place went wild, and I quickly lost sight of Mice for the entire evening. Needless to say, as the only one of us with the train timetables, along with being the only one of us with the height to really take care of ourselves (despite what she might say), I was somewhat concerned out of my mind. I didn't see her again until outside the place, when she came out. I needn't have worried - her uncanny ability to chat to random guys (and get numbers off them!) meant that she was safe enough, and had also retired to the back of the venue - only a couple of metres behind me. Oh well, at least she was safe, eh? :o)

Other songs they played included Wonderful, AM Radio, Strawberry, Everything to Everyone, Father of Mine, Santa Monica (a second time), I will buy you a new life, You make me feel like a Whore, Pennsylvania Is..., and I forget the rest. They played nothing off the new album (Songs From an American Movie: Volume 2), and none of the really great songs off the new one. There was no Here We Go Again, no Learning How To Smile, no Now That It's Over.... Hearing Wonderful live was pretty cool, and obviously seeing Art Alexakis in the flesh was bloody amazing, but he has a funny idea of what makes a good song. Everything to Everyone was, however, one of the best they did that night - seriously ruled.

Anyway, aside from the fact that there were many shameless ommissions from the vast list of songs they could have played, and the fact that it was very violent and dangerous, and that they finished after 50 minutes and came back for an hour-long encore (odd, really), and the fact that I spent much of it worrying whether Mice was OK, and the fact that I got hit, and the fact that.... Basically, despite all the bad stuff (and there was quite a bit), it was worth it. I saw Everclear.

Anyway, after meeting Mice again after the concert, we went back to Victoria. We then got on the train to Brighton, which managed to get us most of the way, before there were problems. This meant we had a long wait, and had to go back via Hove. As a result, we got to the station at about 1:25am, too late for any trains back to Falmer (i.e. where we live). So we just got a taxi, which got us in for about 1:45am. After some food, and a bit of music, we finally got to bed at about 2:20am. Still not gone up before 2am, which I'm vaguely proud of, although it probably will kill me. However, I have a good morning tomorrow - nothing until 11:30. As it goes, right now I have nothing until 11:30 either - I have an hour to myself, with only the computer labs to entertain me. Oh dear :o)

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Sleeping? No.No.No.

Ahh, bugger sleeping.

You'll do a lot of that when your 6 foot under. :)

Isn't that what lectures are for???

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