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People who sang to me (or equivalent):
  • Jimbo
  • Alex
  • Vicky
  • Jo
  • David
I hope that's not the end of the list. I demand the rest of you sing to me also.

Update: Also,
  • TFD
  • Stephie

Update 2: And especially
  • Jen Jen :o)

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Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer, pig farmer.
Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer man.
Rolls rolls in the pig muck and drives a brown pick-up,
Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer man.

Happy now? : )

Bah, that should read "He rolls"and not"Rolls rolls"

I think the word "w00t" sums up my reaction reasonably well. But now you've got to ask yourself - was I being ironic? Do you feel lucky?

Who wouldn't want to feel ironic after a performance like that? The thing you have to ask yourself though is do you feel like Alanis Morrisette?

I have to say, lately I have been feeling increasingly like Alanis Morrisette, yes... Do you think it's serious?

I don't know if it's serious, but isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

(Deleted comment)
That's why you're not getting my pizza

And we're all very glad that you've not tried :o)

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