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Still conscious.

Let's see... Went with Vicky, Claire, Jimbo and Alex to some bar that was selling Tuacan (some nice brandy-based spirit) cocktails and stuff. I had something with Tuacan, Cointreau, and lemon juice. Two brandies.... The sort of thing that kills your frontal lobes with every sip. Great fun. Then moved on to somewhere else, and had Kahlua, milk, vodka, something like that. It tasted like chocolate milkshake. We had like two jugs of that stuff. Then a double brandy, washed down with vodka and lemonade. I think I had another cocktail after that, something Vicky had had, but I can't be sure any more - it all blurs into one :o)

Got presents from my housemates. I got Edible Ants. As far as I can work out, they actually contain ants. I mean, properly. So I'll eat those sometime when I'm not a volatile mixture of alcohols threatening to explode. I also got a cool set of lollipops from Vicky, in a pink fluffy Powerpuff Girls thing, and a bendy toy figure thingie. Oh, and, a really cool thing. It's a Learn To Tie Your Laces toy, for ages 3 and up. Designed to teach young children how to tie shoe laces. Apparently, my refusal to ever do up my laces under any circumstances has been noticed by more people :o)

So yay, I'm happy, I've had a good Uni Birthday. Now to go home for my Home Birthday :o)

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I can't wait to hear what the ants taste like. 8-)

(Deleted comment)
Lemon, huh?

*thinks about this*

Lemonants. I can see this. 8-)

(Deleted comment)
I'm not saying I'd EAT them, mind. 8-)

(Deleted comment)
*HOWL!* Seriously, you had the chance? Did anyone else try them?

(Deleted comment)
LIVE? You mean it could BITE you on the way down????? NO WAY!

(Deleted comment)
That's true ... you'd have to nip its little head off like a chocolate easter bunny ... 8-)

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