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Face Off - good movie. I enjoyed it a lot. John Woo has gone up in my estimation once more, after crippling his image with M:I 2, which was the worst film ever.

In other news, there is no other news. Except that I'll be able to pay my rent on Saturday. Which is good. And it's my birthday in 3 days. Which is good. And it's my birthday party tomorrow. Which is good.

Random Fact: Nobody has ever bought me a drink for my birthday, ever

We'll see if tomorrow is any different. Then I'm going home on Friday. And then I stop being a teenager and become a Twenty Something. Scary, isn't it :o)

Update: And I've got my first card. But I can't open it for a few days. But still, I've got it.

Update 2: Oh, and I've heard people talk about money exchanging hands for presents. Which means mine and Claire's birthday presents. Last year they got us the matching clocks. Now I'm all excited about what I'm getting this year - we get to open them tomorrow :o)

Update 3 (and note so self): Must buy an advent calendar !!

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I saw Face Off with Rick and Josh, good film...

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