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Band I like for each alphabet letter? EASY...
And to make it harder, I won't pick any bands David said, even though he copies my taste in music (no, really, I liked practically every band on his list first).

A - American HiFi
B - Blink 182
C - Creed
D - Darts
E - Erasure
F - Foo Fighters
G - Green Day
H - Human League
I - Incubus
J - Jan and Dean
K - The Kinks
L - Lightning Seeds
M - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
N - New Found Glory
O - Offspring
P - Pulp
Q - Queens of the Stone Age
R - Roxette
S - Sugar Ray
T - Toad the Wet Sprocket
U - UB40
V - Vandals
W - Waterboys
X - Xzibit, if I must...
Y - Yomanda
Z - Zanderman

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"X - Xzibit, if I must..."

*ROTFLMAO* Aww, James likes rap music, how cute ;-)

Not really, just wanted to prove I knew an "act" beginning with X.

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