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Back again!!
Yes indeed - the second update today. I've just come from my diagnostic maths test, and it's raining. As a direct consequence I do not wish to go outside to get back to the flat, and have thus opted to come back to the computer labs to update my journal. Wahey :o)

Anyway, since last time, I've done very little. So I shall take you on a voyage through space, but not time. That is to say, I'll tell you a bit about my flat, but not yet about what I've been up to this past week. The reasons for this are threefold - firstly, I can't be bothered right now. Secondly, I've been keeping a journal, but it's in my room. And thirdly, it'll keep Squiggy guessing for longer, which amuses me greatly :o)

So, I guess I should start with what the flat is physically like. Going in, there's a long hallway. There are 8 rooms coming off that, but if you turn left before going down you get into the kitchen / dining area. We've decorated it with posters, artwork, and most recently models made with pink drinking straws. It all looks very groovy, and will no doubt be the coolest looking flat of all. Yay :o)

It also has four nice speakers and a subwoofer, courtesy of my unending (ha!) generosity. I had a spare set, so I figured that we could have them in the kitchen, for when we throw our party. They work nicely - one quarter volume is more than sufficient for day-to-day use. For the party, we should easily have enough volume :o)

Anyhow, from the kitchen there's another hallway up a flight of stairs. On this hallway there is a small lavatory, and four rooms. One of these is mine, containing such things as my PC, my guitar, some food, and most importantly (at 3am after lots of alcohol when you start feeling really unsteady) my bed. So I shall now run through the people I live with - I'm sure you all want to hear (note: if you don't, then you don't need to read this. Merely click here to bypass the following...

So on my little hallway (I'm calling it that because I can't for the life of me remember how to spell ?corridor?), there's Claire, Vicky, me and Annie. Claire and Vicky are both maths students, like myself. Claire's an x-files buff (yay), with black hair dyed green and blue in bits. Vicky is blonde and doesn't spend all that much time with us, choosing to spend her time with yet another James (we know many). Annie is American, from Indiana studying in New England (well, studying here now, but only as part of a sandwich course). The flat regularly enjoys her twice-daily trips to the shower in her robe. She threatens to take some of out running, but thankfully we've escaped so far...

Then there's the downstairs. We've got Ebs, who is German (and who watched the match last weekend with us, the git). He does quite a lot of organising of people, and is very much a "grown up" at times (except when telling jokes, when he is very much an adolescent). In addition to Ebs and Annie, our foreign contingent is also made up of Louise (Swedish, plays my guitar better than I do and gets hit on left right and centre whenever we all go out), Joyce (American, from the same school as Annie), and Tolis (Greek, doesn't sit around chatting much, except late at night with those people who are actually up). Additionally, there's Alex (female, who is a Pagan too), James (whose description would be too long for here - suffice it to say, I don't think he's too well at the moment - people appear to have caught the cold I brought with me), Harriet, and Mice.

Yes, Mice. Her name is Michelle, but apparently she doesn't like that. Can't quite think of what to say about her - she's sitting across from me now, as it goes... With any luck, she's coming with me to see Everclear tomorrow. Lately, we've been up until 2am every single night just chatting (along with Tolis and Theo sometimes). Sometime soon, she's going to teach me how to drink Aftershock the proper way, apparently - can't wait. She's, like, a totally cool mate and such - except for one thing, which I shall explain now.

She introduced me to the most evil scary girl ever. Yes, moreso than even Liz (partly because this girl lives really close though). Details shan't be forthcoming (I want Squiggy to squirm - mmm, consonance), but she is the most insecure needy clingy individual I have ever seen. Worse than David and myself combined. She tried to ring me 7 times in 10 minutes the other day, and sent me more text messages than I could comfortably ignore... All in all, not good. Thankfully, she's stopped now (fingers crossed!). Basically, she thought that myself and Mice were together, despite having been told different, and got into a strop about it, and it's all very complicated, and I shall just leave it by saying that I shall be keeping my distance as much as I can. Ho hum...

Hopefully I'll get my room equipped with Internet access in the near future - that ought to be good, since then I can update this journal without being in fear of contravening the long list of rules (which prohibit practically anything on the Uni computers)... Ho hum...

Anyhow, you get the general idea. Uni is fun, stuff like that. Sometime soon, I'm sure I shall write about what I've actually been doing with my life here. I shall relate the fact that I've not yet gone to bed before 2am, I shall explain where my three funny nicknames (B^2, Randy Jim and Breakfast Boy) come from, I will relate to you the quantities of alcohol I'm drinking, and where, and while doing what. I may even tell you what I'm wearing, if you ask nicely. But this must wait for some other time. Goodbye :o)

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JIM!!!!!! I've missed you sooo much! Ahh! :-) ****HUGGLES**** Oh jeez, so much boring stuff has happened,.,...blaaah


but he hasnt really gone anywhere..... He's still a few hundred miles away, just in a slightly different direction....

I knnnow. But I'm still happy to see him writing again. It's exciting! Now all I need are some voice clips . . and I'll be all set. :-) Hah!


he's been writing everyday.... (and costing him a fortune in SMS' :o) )


Because you're having so much fun, you'll instantly dismiss the idea of going to study in the States with me :o)

Yes, I will dismiss that idea.

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