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So anyway...
Watched Grosse Pointe Blank yesterday. Watched it again this morning, because it's just that good. John Cusack is the man. But I still can't see him as being the same guy as in Being John Malkovich. I just can't. The voices are the same, but the faces? Nah... Sorry :o)

I have a lecture at 3pm (I love Mondays, only 50 minutes of lectures and it's at 3pm, I get a huge lie-in), so I'll be going in for that. Claire and I have to sort out our stats groups and stuff, for the second project. And I need to work some more on figuring out which presentation to do, I have to decide before next week. I had a dream where I decided, and went to talk to the dean of maths (who happens to be the cousin of my 4th grade teacher), which was weird. But anyway, dreams are dreams are dreams are not reality. So...

I've been working on recording an acoustic-type version of Fast Times at Drop-Out High by The Ataris - I like how it sounds. I'll upload it later, not that anybody but my brother will probably care :o)

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Once I'm good enough, I'm going to work out how to do an acoustic version of Summer Wind Was Always Our Song.

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