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Hmm (2)
It's funny, the things people tell you come back to haunt you. But in my case, it's something somebody said to me in a dream I once had - those are generally the worst ones. What people say to you in real life doesn't have to matter if you don't want it to - convince yourself that they're wrong, or that their opinions don't matter, or whatever you need to do to rationalise it. But things you're told in dreams? That's your voice saying them, no matter how it's dressed up. And when you're infallible, never wrong, and your opinion always counts, it's hard to ignore it. But I babble - dream people can stay there.

So I was bored today. Hell, I'm bored every day, but moreso today I think. I went shopping but my heart wasn't in it so I just bought squash - I know, sad isn't it... Oh well, the important thing is, I made myself busy. Idle hands are the something or other. Idle Hands. There's a good movie - Seth Green rules in it, as per, and the Offspring are in it. What more does one need from a movie? :o)

Anyway, in my boredom, I wandered down to the cinema to see something. Here's some scary facts for you:

Time to do my hair: 5 minutes
Time to find my jacket: 5 minutes
Time to find a cashpoint that had money: 10 minutes
Actual time to walk to the cinema: 3 minutes

There's something... I dunno... Wrong with that. Anyhow, see, normally it'd take three minutes to get to the cinema, but I was in one of those moods. Yes, I'm talking about how I get after I've done my hair. I had to look in every shop window to see how I looked, make sure my hair was looking good, make sure I was wearing my clothes in a way that looked good.... And can I just say, the vanity was justified. I was looking damned good. Better than I ever looked in any Livejournal userpics, that's for sure. And if you disagree - see what I said above about opinions that don't count ;o)

On my way to the cinema, I wondered if I'd left AIM, ICQ and MSN running, so I called David to ask. Conversation went along the lines of:

David: Hello?
James: Hey kiddo
David: What's up?
James: Just wondering, are you online right now?
David: No, I'm not online
*Laura giggles in the background*
James: Oh... I'm sorry, am I...
David: I'm in a bathroom right now
James: Eww, goodbye goodbye goodbye good*click*

He later tried to tell me that it was all perfectly innocent, but that's not the point - the point is that for those few seconds, my brain was damaged beyond repair. I need therapy. David, you are a sick bastard and I hate you with all my evil little soul :oP

Anyhow, so cinema... Yeah, I watched Me Without You, and I've decided, that's my movie. It was just so wonderful, it really was. I won't spoil anything though, but it's so damned good. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. And the Brighton bits were so cool. Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek's Jen Lindley - I gotta say, her topless scenes were just weird, nobody from Dawson's Creek should be naked, it's crossing that line between good-family-fun and... well... something else) standing on a spot on Brighton Beach where I often go to sit and think. That was damned cool. There were tons of parts of the movie in Brighton, mostly along the seafront, and it was all places I go and stuff. There were parts of the movie that were meant to be Sussex Uni, but if they were actually shots of the uni it wasn't anywhere I recognised, so...

Anyhow, yes, the movie was great - one thing though, Michelle Williams was meant to be playing "the less attractive one" to Anna Friel's (apparently) pretty character. Can I just step back a minute and say "What the F'k?" I mean really, in what universe is Anna Friel prettier than Michelle Williams? She was even better than in Dawson's Creek, in this she had black hair (which suits her more) and a fake English accent. And I gotta say, I can see why Americans like British accents - if we sounded like most of them sound, hell, I'd want us. Or something. Just ask Jen Jen, she'll tell you how much I absolutely love her English accent :o)

Anyway, the cool thing is that one of the first Brighton scenes was shot just by the cinema as far as I can tell - I walked out after the film was finished and walked along a road from the movie. That doesn't happen too often at all. And, if I'm not mistaken, the club that they go to at one point was The Escape, which is damned cool (although it had a different name in the movie). And the Duke of York's (the cinema we go to sometimes) got mentioned in it and everything. It was just so cool.

I recommend this movie to anybody who a) enjoys good movies and/or b) wants to see where I live. There's not much of Brighton in it really, but it gives you an idea of where it is I go when I wander down to the sea and stuff, and walk along the pier, or vault over the funny blue/green railings. I just liked how the movie was about my home, I guess :o)

Anyhow, yes, wonderful movie, all should see it. There were quite a few me-like bits from the characters too, which was good. Um, not done much else really, so I think that's about it, for now. More later :o)

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The scary fact is that you timed yourself. *giggle*

No, I just guessed how long things took. And I know how long it takes to get to the sea (I've timed that), and the cinema is on the seafront, so....

lol, the secret is out! *smirk*

How was the cinema?

It was good, what, you don't read my journal or something? :o)

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