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Do not try this at home kids
Yes, I'm back. What's more, I'm bad. Not in the conventional sense which means "not good", but in fact in the 1980s sense, which means I am in fact good. Confused yet? Me too, great isn't it... Anyhow, this can't be a long update - I have an interview in 13 minutes regarding whether I really really really want to take my course or not. I think the answer will be yes...

Anyhow, found a nice computer cluster in the maths block. Very nice. My flat absolutely rules - I'm sharing with three guys (Tolis, James and Ebs), and 8 girls (Vicky, Mice, Louise, Joyce, Annie, Claire (spelled wrong probably), Harriet, Alex). Four of us are maths students (myself, Mice, Vicky and Claire), and it's all just very very groovy.

Anyhow, I shall no doubt be updating much more later when I actually have time to do so. Suffice it to say that so far, I have had a lot of fun. Should you, for some reason, wish to e-mail me here at Sussex, my address is Very nice - I actually got my name (which apparently is not in any way common practice).

Ah, just love this - I get to actually update this thing. Yay. Soon I ought to be getting online in my room too, although since I rarely spend any time in there this won't be significantly increasing my Internet usage. I have learned that drinking Jack Daniels and Coke, along with a good few brandies, and going out partying is actually a lot more fun than messing about online. Scary, that I could ever get to this point, eh?

Oh, and one last thing before I leave: Phil, if that's you sending dodgy text messages to my phone using my journal, stop it immediately. Or it could be Dan... One of you two, I'm sure. Anyhow, more later (I hope). Bye for now :o)

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Let me be the first to say "Welcome back!"

Now I can find out what you are really up to....

Fat chance of that - I'll be too busy doing "what I'm up to" to tell you what it is :o)

And put a picture on your journal - I command it.


No,mate, i wasn't sending messages from your journal. I use breathe 4 my sms's. phil

Somebody has been abusing my journal sending me annoying messages. Not that I actually especially care or anything, but one of them reached me about 30 seconds before one of your breathe messages - since that meant you were online at the time, I merely assumed..... :o)

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