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Bah, my guitar has gone back to "Fucked beyond playing" mode. Stupid thing, I dunno what's wrong with it these days. Either that, or it's just me, but I don't think so, because I never used to think it sounded messed up. And the strings sound totally fucked, to the point where every time they sound I want to rip them off the guitar and burn them because they sound so bad.

I wonder if you can buy strings that are better suited to being tuned to Eb... Something to find out for when I have money to buy them with...

I feel a bit off... Blah.... It's partly due to this really surreal and upsetting dream I had last night, but I can't remember how it went. All I remember is that it was that which disturbed me when I woke up :o\

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You know what they say about bad workmen... ;-)

But I never used to blame the guitar - are you meaning to imply that I was a good one before? ;o)

No... but I'm willing to accept that A) you were bad before and B) your guitar now outclasses you in terms of badness. Just.

Cool, I'm not the most bad thing in the room at music!!

Thanks, that's such a nice thing to say ;o)

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