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And again...
[00:25:08] DMZ> G'day!
[00:25:13] DMZ> Welcome mates to me bonzer Australian safari
[00:25:19] DMZ> We'll be looking for that little critter Ajectivuss Millitaruss
[00:25:25] DMZ> There's one over there now
[00:25:30] DMZ> See those sharp teeth?
[00:25:35] DMZ> They'd have your head off in one bite, they would
[00:25:41] DMZ> I've got to be extra careful so's not to disturb them
[00:25:46] DMZ> Let's see what happens if I try this
[00:25:57] DMZ> Wow - I bet it's really pissed now
[00:26:03] DMZ> Anyway - that's enough for now
[00:26:08] DMZ> G'day!

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Isn't Steve Irwin dead?

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