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Mmm, pizza
Jimbo is paying off his debt to me by buying me pizza. I won't object.

In the bathroom earlier I could hear the sirens of like three or four fire engines. No, I don't mean they were in the bathroom - that's both silly and kinda scary. But yeah, lots of fire engines - can tell I'm in the city. Back home, we had to share a fire engine with the five million farms in the area. Made it slightly more dangerous to live there, you know - relieved some of the tedium (no, wait, just kidding, it was still boring).

I remember when I was little, the chimney in my house caught fire. Still got pictures of me and Dan West (only you will know who I'm on about I think) who used to be my next door neighbour. Or am I thinking of that other guy (whose name escapes me now). Sharrock or something? I dunno. I'm too tired to remember being 4 right now... 16 years ago, that. *sigh*

I think I'll have a nap or something. Feel free to wake me, any of you - I could do with the conversation. But right now, I'm just kinda bored and sleepy.


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