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In Virgin, that song I really like came on, and I was like "Wow, I must find out what this is". If we recall, this is the song that's on at the Escape, and the Gloucester, that I really like. But yeah, I could never work out what song it was.

So anyhow, I go up to the counter and I'm like "What song is this at the minute?". And they're all like "It's The Strokes, Hard To Explain". And I'm like God damnit.... Because I've wanted this song for, like, ever. And you know what? This is one of those songs that Dan told me to get months ago. And I did.

So I've been sitting here with the song I wanted on my hard drive for the last few months, and not known it. Damn, that's annoying. Anyhow, while I was out, I bought Series 7 of friends on tape - it was only £5 per tape, and I only needed 4 to complete the thing, so there we go. That'll be fun to watch :o)

Hmm. Oh. Okay. Anyway, yes, I think I'll go eat or something. Bye.


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