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Run away! Run away!
Being proposed to if you're a guy is always a scary thing. The standard response is, I believe (although I've not checked the manual recently), to ambulate as fast as your little legs can carry you away from the impending doom. Even more when you're young... But when it's done by your scary ex, on the Internet, it's plain bad. And I tried every trick in the book to get her to change her mind about it, before having to say plain old "No". She really needs to understand that I'm not interested in her like that... Grr... Maybe I'll just have to pretend to her that I'm gay....

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What the hell are you on about? Pretend that you are gay? You serious? Trying pretending that you're straight!!!

Re: Um............

*elbows Mitch sharply in the gut* :o)

you don't want to KNOW what he's talking about

(cept shes welsh)

Nowt wrong with that David. Anyhow, you liked her voice, remember? ;o)

I love you too Mitchy. Remind me to give you a cuddle next time I'm up there, eh? ;o)

Hilarious... Sorry :-)

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