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And again :o)
[15:14:01] DMZ> We return once more to that most timorous of creatures, the Adjectivus Militaris
[15:14:16] DMZ> Using stealth this time, as this is their usual wakeful period
[15:14:43] DMZ> If I'm very quiet, we might just not disturb them
[15:14:58] DMZ> As we creep in closer to find
[15:15:14] DMZ> There, yes, nestling amongst its fellows
[15:15:40] DMZ> One of the lesser known subspecies
[15:15:57] DMZ> This one shuns daylight activity, and indeed social interaction of any kind
[15:16:02] DMZ> Coming out only at night
[15:16:15] DMZ> to feed on sarcastic comments and genuine vitriol
[15:16:30] DMZ> To spot one during daylight hours is indeed remarkable
[15:16:40] DMZ> Now we must back off quickly
[15:16:54] DMZ> Before they get scent of our approach
[15:16:58] DMZ> But rest assured
[15:17:02] DMZ> We shall return once more
[15:17:14] DMZ> To once again study this rare and marvelous creature

I think he was talking about Kit :o)


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