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I just got hit by one of these fake Hotmail things. At least, I'm pretty sure it was fake, almost 100%, but it was very convincingly done. With the subject "Please re-activate your account...", it was actually just a password steal type thing, but it was done in a rather clever way. I won't give too much away - suffice it to say, anybody using Hotmail who gets that mail, don't be fooled - it mails your password to somebody if you follow the instructions contained within.

Ho hum, what fun... In other news, I feel gooood. I've just learned that my midterm isn't until 11:30am, so I don't have to go into Uni for another couple of hours. But mostly, it's because I've been cooped up in my room for too long - I'm now awake in the morning, feeling ready to go, I've just had a shower and shave, done my hair and stuff, and it's all made me feel so much better about life :o)

Anyhow, yes, for the time being, I feel love toward the world. Obviously, my midterm might change that, but for now, I don't care - I'm happy. Right now, I'm re-learning Ordinary World by Duran Duran, the punk way. Not copying the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version, even though theirs is good, but doing it my own way. I always wanted to redo that song in a hard rock type metal/ballad way or something. They've given me the inspiration to just go do it.

And now I'm thinking about other songs I can do in a punk rock cover type way, now that I've actually seen that it can work. Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only is first on my list. The Uncle Kracker - Follow Me (that'd go to punk rock really well with the guitar solos in it). Mel C - Northern Star would actually work, but it's a question of whether I can bring myself to cover a Spice Girl (hur hur).... Anyway, we'll see... All good fun :o)

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