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It's a funny thing, really... It feels like it's passing slowly, but it's actually flying by... For instance, it's just 11 days until my birthday. I mean really, 11 days. Until I'm 20. Not a teenager any more. It's all rather exciting really :o)

Then it's just five weeks from today that I'm flying out to America. Five weeks! three of those will be at Uni for certain, and perhaps more. Depends on whether I finish my coursework early and just come home during Week 10 of the term or not. Regardless, a maximum of 25 days until I go home from Uni. Then a week working at Systech, perhaps including Christmas Eve (they sometimes work on it, sometimes don't). Then it's Christmas day, and I fly over to see my Jen Jen. These last few months have been so hard without her, but it's coming to an end now. It'll have been almost five months since I last saw her. Then after this, it'll be another six months or so, but at the end of it we get to spend six weeks together (I've worked out how I'm doing it), give or take. By the end of that, we'll have spent 11 weeks together, in the last 60. About a fifth of our time will have been spent together. That's not a bad figure considering the (obvious) distance issue.

Anyhow, just thinking about Jen has got me happy. I'm not going back to bed, because I have a midterm in three and a half hours, so I think I'll just prepare for that (ha!).


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