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Circumstances have prevented me from eating a meal since Thursday evening, and from getting sleep overnight for more than a couple of hours at a time (although sleeping through the afternoons has worked so far). I'm not in the best way, and I don't claim for one minute that my bad sleep patterns aren't the cause of my rheumatism right now. But it's hard for me to fix, I just can't sleep...

Civ 3 is being fun though for while I'm an insomniac. The Adjective Army versus France, on a two-continent planet. Neither of us has even begun to explore the second continent, we're too busy in our little war. Some of our cities have generational nationality bands - a the grandparents were born under AA rule, the parents under French rule, and the kids under AA rule. Leads to a lot of civil unrest, that... And for those who care (nil), here's a brief history of the world that I am 0wning :o)

At the start, as a Zulu-based tribe, I sent out my explorers to find mercenaries in villages. Having found a few, we marched on Paris (which was found early on) and pillaged the place and then took it for our own. Had I done it one turn earlier, the game would have been won, but as it was, they'd just built a second city - Orleans, to the east. I left the city alone, choosing instead to destroy any new cities they tried to build. By the time I was up to about 8 cities, I stopped bullying them and let them expand a bit.

By the middle ages, I had most of the continent, with the French resistance holding the east coast. They built a couple of cities behind our front line by sending their settlers around me by sea, which were problematic for all of a few seconds. Within a couple of years I'd taken their cities and sent their armed forces packing. However, my civilization was geared towards possession of all the territory surrounding the French - I didn't bother densely populating the north of the continent, because it was mostly mountainous. However, they sent settlers sufficiently far around me that they managed to put up a couple of cities right behind my whole main civilization - they were between my small resource-gathering cities in the mountains, and the back of my cities. But there were still mountain ranges between us, so it wasn't like they could really hurt me without me seeing them coming slowly, so that was okay for now.

Anyway, time progresses, now armed with rifles (versus their spears and catapults - I was very much dominating technologically) I decided I'd had enough of them and smashed through their front lines. I went on to capture Orleans (their capital) and a couple of other cities on the middle of the east coast. They were then reduced to one city on the north of that coast, and one at the south, effectively broken.

Sadly, by this time, their forces behind me consisted of about 6 cities, since they'd been concentrating on building up there rather than building up their east coast stronghold. They captured my main gems-producing town, "Flight", and my citizens started getting pissed that not only were we losing cities, but also losing pretty stones. I spoke to the French, and convinced them to give me Flight back if I gave them Orleans - I still have all the cities around it, so re-taking it should be easy once my other cities are secure enough that that won't happen again.

But one thing that's fun to watch - when the front-line staging ground for all your major attacks is eventually right in the middle of your civilization. My city Satirica was where I launched all my major attacks on the French from, since it was fed by railroads from every major city I had. However, these days, it's closer to the middle of my country, since the borders are now far, far away, and it's surrounded now by AA cities which still have French names. I might rename a few soon, just to assert my ownership though :o)

Anyhow, sleep time shortly I think. Should only need a couple of hours. Then lectures at 3pm. And I might work on my AI stuff too....


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