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Hello and Welcome...
[01:57:27] *** Topic is 'Welcome to Gay Innuendo Night. Please pull up a slave, and join us'
[01:57:27] *** Set by UnknownJ on Sun Nov 18 01:50:36


[01:44:05] * Dirk|music hopes we're in fact talking about monitor sizes ...
[01:44:22] UnknownJ> No, I'm talking about my foot-long schlong
[01:44:30] Dirk|music> schlong?
[01:44:38] DMZ> A type of fruit drink, isn't it?
[01:44:58] TMA> It's not in the dictionary
[01:45:07] UnknownJ> I don't swallow that....
[01:45:22] DMZ> I didn't see *that* one coming
[01:45:41] UnknownJ> They usually don't ;o)

And worse. Yes, there's worse puns than that. It's shocking. We all need locking up sometimes, we really do :o)

In other news, Civ 3 is going quite well...

[01:47:33] TMA> Hello Kit and welcome to insanity hour at #adjarmy
[01:47:37] DMZ> Jello Kit
[01:47:41] DMZ> I mean Hello, of course
[01:47:52] Dirk|music> oh .. I thought you meant to paint Kit yellow ...
[01:48:07] Deity1> yey, my favourite night..
[01:48:16] DMZ> No, no, dissolve him in boiling water and wait for him to set

Hmm... We're scary people sometimes.....


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