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And now I'm downloading more of their songs. Seriously, this band rules. I think I love them :o)

Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
Who put the Bomp in the... - I forget, but I love the song
My Favourite Things - Sound of Music
Land Down Under - Men At Work(?)
Ace of Bass - All That She Wants
Runaway - Del Shannon

Okay, any band that covers two Del Shannon songs that I was thinking of covering myself in the medium of punk rock deserves my undying admiration. I've downloaded about 50 songs by these guys, and I like every single one.

While walking around Brighton, I realised exactly why it's a city - redundant shops. No, not job losses due to no work, but shops that do the same things. In fact, multiples of the same shop. Brighton has:

Sainsbury's: 3, soon to be 4
Pizza Hut: 3
McDonalds: 3
Jessops: 2
HMV: 2
Starbucks: 2+

Hmm, headlines in the newspaper today - "Sussex family feared killed by Taliban". Hardly news... "Shock Horror! Evil Regime Kills People!". The real news, of course, is "Shock Horror! Coalition with 'Good Intentions' Kills Innocents!". But they don't like to report that too much. In related news, the USSU has officially said it's against the war. Predictably. We are Sussex Uni, after all...

On my walk this morning, I wandered over to the West Pier (the broken one), and the sun was shining on the water and made a circle of gold on it. It was very pretty, since it was shining through a hole in the cloud that I couldn't see - to me, the whole sky was overcast, except for this patch of sun on the water. And the main pier was shrouded in mist. Very pretty.

Anyway, perhaps I'll read the Civ 3 manual while I listen to this music :o)

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Woohoo... I'm generally quite good at identifying random songs :o)

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I refuse to respond to this obvious troll.

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