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I need this retail therapy, no matter how stupid it is. I'm feeling pissed off out of my mind at university right now, and I need a distraction. So I think in 40 minutes, when the shops open, I'll go buy Civ3. It'll make up for the horrible POS that was CTP2... And at £30, it's only a tenner more than a couple of DVDs, and will be more fun in the long run, I'm thinking. After all, it's Sid Meier - could it be bad? I think not.

I tried sleeping, but I couldn't - I'm too awake. Damned coca cola and chocolate, not to mention the fact that I've already slept enough for this week. Anyhow, perhaps playing Civ3 will make me sleepy, although I will of course first have to get my fecking CD-Rom drive to accept the CD. It can be temperamental sometimes, as I'm sure I've mentioned - i.e., not reading CDs at all sometimes. I'll complain to Watford sometime soon, since they replaced it recently, and in theory it should be covered by my warranty since it's a new part, or something. It's infuriating. But only applies to some CDs, so there's still hope....

Time to put my clothes back on then. Ooh, there's an image I didn't want to give you ;o)


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