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I love the city...
I seriously love living in the city. It's just so great. Let's see, what's within my reach here...

Well, if you go out the door and turn right and go to the end of the road, there's a bookshop on one corner, and a noodles eatery on the other corner and next to the noodles place is a pub. If you turn left instead, then on one corner is a dance hall where they give lessons in various things, and directly opposite the road is another pub.

So if you've gone right out the door, at the bottom of that road is Domino's, a guitar shop, an off-license, and a few newsagents. If you go up the road instead you get to the 24/7 grocery store, and the station.

If you've gone left out of the door, then at the bottom of that road is The Gloucester (a very good club), and various pubs. A similar distance away are comic book stores, nice bars and restaurants, supermarkets, student bars, another guitar shop... It's all 5 minutes walk from my front door.

I dunno, I just really appreciate living here right now. So much is within reach. Ooh, and it's 7am - Sainsbury's is open now (also 5 minutes from my house). I could go shopping. But I dunno why I'd want to, to be honest. But I'm not tired yet - sleeping 1pm to 8pm was kinda my night's sleep, 12 hours early...

Oh well, I'll just sit here being bored some more, and thinking about irrelevancies :o)


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