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Porno Daleks
Well, that test sucked arse. Even with both my notes and Claire's notes (for which I owe her my life (which won't be worth much once they mark my test)) I still managed to utterly screw up every single question. Go figure... It's doubly annoying because stats and probability are meant to be my two strong suits, and I couldn't even answer a single question to completion. Thank f'k the test doesn't count, eh...

Anyhow, it depresses me that I could do so badly in what is meant to be my special subject, so now I'm all gloomy. To alleviate this, I'm thinking I need some keptotherapy, followed by some retail therapy. I've committed the first act - permit me to explain. At "The Joint" (a club here) every Tuesday they have "Porno Night". As far as I can gather, the theme is to dress as sexily as you can, although I've never been so I'd not know. The only person who goes regularly from our house is Claire, the rest of us go elsewhere. Anyway, they have posters up, and have done since the start of last year. These posters have a picture of somebody - e.g., Barry White, Harrison Ford, people who are generally thought of as sexy. The captions typically read
He is... <picture> Are you?
Anyhow, these posters are everywhere on campus. So earlier, I decided to steal one for last week's Porno night. After all, they'd be thrown away anyway. But I got the coolest one - the Daleks.

Oh yes, the coolest poster ever, and I have it. Very cool :o) Anyhow, the retail therapy part involves going to HMV. I know I have no money, but I'm in a right foul mood, and a couple of DVDs (buy one, get one free) will cheer me up, I think. We'll see.

I've more to say, but it can come later...


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