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OK then, if I must...
Siggy, git that he is, has been on at me to update this thing. And in the absence of anything better to do, here - have another status report :o)

Well firstly, I now know that I'll be heading off to Uni with £400 of my own money, plus £920 from my student loan. Giving me a grand total of £1320. Of which, £660 is my first term's rent. Leaving me £660 for the first term. Plus a nice £1250 overdraft, should I need it. And £50 pocket money still going into my Lloyds account at home, should I need it. That'll teach me to spend too much on credit cards (oh, I have one of those too, with £350 credit, if I really needed it)... Anyhow, I should be fine...

Today was my last day of work. Yes, as of today, I am officially unemployed. Then in five days time, I shall be a student-type. Yay. It's rather hard to take in the fact that in under a week, I'm actually moving out - I shall no longer be living at home. Scary. Phil sent me a message from Brum earlier - he's sharing his accomodation with some rather unsavoury types - what are the odds that I'll be lumbered with the same, eh? We should have just both gone to Cambridge instead of these under-achiever magnets (no offence ;o)

This evening I went shopping. For those of you who know me - yes, I know, bad isn't it. Bought some kitchen type things (frying pan et al), that sort of thing. Have also now got my printer, and my network card installed, so I've already grabbed my MP3s. To my horror, I found that my PC only has three PCI slots, and no ISA slots. So three PCI slots - SB Live! 1024, Modem, and one free. One free slot, for both a TV card and a network card. Shit. So anyhow, since I can't take the TV card back (and it's too expensive to write off), and they don't do USB network cards, I'll have to sacrifice one of my internal bits of hardware to make space. It looks very much like I'll be getting a USB modem from somewhere, which will be... um.... nice. Any more things, and I'll need a hub, since my webcam is on the other USB port. I could put my printer on USB, but there's no point - I have a parallel port, I may as well use it. In other news, I need my Intellimouse Explorer on this PC ASAP - the current two button (no middle button, no wheel, nothing) mouse is starting to stick. It's also less good for playing Unreal Tournament - I can only just manage to take on the bots on Godlike - no significant advantage over them. That's just no good at all.... :o)

Anyhow, more later perhaps. If I can remember. But with Squiggy reminding me, I'm sure I shan't forget :o)


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