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Now that I'm awake...
And it only took 12 hours too, this must be a record. I should write it down somewhere. Oh, wait......

Hmm, so, what have I done today? Well, for starters, I didn't get dressed until about midnight, which characterises today as being "A Good Day" by definition. I have an AI assignment that is due in, like, tomorrow sometime, but it's relatively straightforward. It's Logic Programming, which I can as good as do in my head anyway - Logic is easy.

9:15am tomorrow I have a maths workshop. Ack. I hate those. Then I have an AI lecture that I'm required to turn up for. But that's easy enough. Then on Friday, in the morning (too early, by my reckoning), I have my Probability Midterm. It's rather scary, since I suck at maths rather a lot. But I'll do my very best, and hope that it's enough. It doesn't count for any final grades or anything, so that's okay.

Got my stats project back - 50%. Not bad, considering it sucked. It's worth like 0.2% of my degree, so that means that I got 0.1% of it done. Not so bad. By the end of this term, I think I'll have completed at least 5% of my degree, or something. I dunno, maths isn't my strong suit ;o)

Scary thing - Inside Soap (yes, I do read that magazine, got a problem?) has the following:
Blah Blah from Liverpool thinks that Christine (sic - these fools know nothing) Ricci from the Addams Family films looks remarkably similar to Charlie Brooks, who plays "best bitch" Janine Butcher in Eastenders...
That really is quite scary, on account of how I always maintained that Karen looked like a cross between the two of them. Ho hum... I tried to steer the topic away from uni, and didn't manage to do much better with that little tangent.

So, social stuff. I don't plan on going out for a while - I'm shattered after the Grapevine on Sunday, then Sum 41 on Monday, then the Escape on Tuesday. I need a rest, a long rest. My throat is killing me, I have no energy any more, and all that alcohol can't have been good for me. Perhaps stop going out for a bit. Like, until next Tuesday, when we're going to the Gloucester. A week in recovery should be long enough :o)

Onto fun stuff - Jen Jen! Well, as you know, flights are booked. I'll book the trains in a while, and then I'll all be set. 26th of December to 1st of January is when I'll be spending with her, I think. Second year in a row when I'll have missed my brother's birthday, but I'll bring him back something cool from America and he'll be fine, I hope. I don't fancy hanging around in NYC much - I think I'll spend the first night at JFK, then get a taxi to Penn station early the next day. I certainly don't want to see where the WTC used to be, and I don't much want to see New York from the plane or anything. Just one of these things, I guess... I've asked for an aisle seat just to make sure I don't get put next to a window.

Anyhow... Um.... Well... I think I'll just hit "Post", since Jen has come online, and LJ simply can't compete for my attention against her :o)

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You look stupid. And not scary. Sorry :o)

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