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Goodnight kids.

Surely one of these can be my new userpic......

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Are you shirtless? :-)

Look at the mirror on the background.. you can see his arse.

In other words, he's naked. ;)

1) The mirror is to my left
2) I was shirtless, but not naked

I was winding you up. :)

Better than the last set I've gotta admit. You could try looking like you haven't just been hit by a truck and then take some pictures.

you're a terrible person. i hope you hate yourself.

He doesn't need to - he's got me to do that for him.

Sometimes so much it hurts. Well, it's either hurting from hate or laughing too darn hard.

It's good that you laugh at your own jokes - after all, somebody has to...

It's not me I was laughing at :)

Oh, so you're laughing at my jokes. Well, that's okay then Berry.....

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