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I believe that everything that happens, no matter how wrong, has a reason and a purpose
Hmm... So, my evening....

It started with pizza. These things always start with pizza. And WKD... Anyhow, after a quick shower I went out to the Ali Cat bar, where I had some brandies and stuff. Stayed there until about 10:30, and then went to the Escape... They played some Pulp, Green Day, System of a Down, Beatles, Blondie, and a load of other good things...

Sadly, "people" weren't there, which was a real downer. Oh well, I'll hopefully catch up with them later sometime. I heard the song again that's driving me nuts, because I don't know its name or who it's by, so I can't download it... I tried to memorize some of the words tonight, but sadly I couldn't make them out. Damnit.

Anyhow, Claire has chocolate cake, so I'm going off to make myself fat :o)


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