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How the day actually went...
12:30 - Cancelled Lecture, went back to Brighton
13:00 - Find out that the film is next week, not tomorrow
14:00 - AI lecture
15:00 - Sitting around with Adam and Thomas in the common room
16:00 - Everything as usual...

Right now, I'm eating my pizza, watching TV, drinking WKD, I'll have a shower after Eastenders, and then we'll be going out to the Ali Cat Bar, then to the Escape. Good fun... Don't wait up :o)

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Completely irrelevant..

Two of my "half-gay" female friends think you're "dishy".

Re: Completely irrelevant..

More importantly, would I think they were "dishy"?

James Webley - the only known cure for lesbianism

Uh, just kidding :o)

Re: Completely irrelevant..


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