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The last few days...
Well, what can I say? Hectic probably covers most of it. As you know, on Monday I got my new PC. Things have been rather non-stop since then. But now I have time to fill you all in. Yay, eh? :o)

I'm now into my last week of work. Just another three days to go. And since my boss is leaving to go to Manchester for a few days tomorrow evening, it means that tomorrow morning is the last I shall see of him. The last couple of days will just be me doing as many tests and writing as many reports as I can so that he knows exactly what I've done over the last few weeks... Work is much better lately. A lot of that is understanding what I'm doing, and part is not getting bored so easily. I'm perfecting my Hearts playing, sending text messages to people (I imagine I probably bored Jude to death today), that sort of thing... It relieves a lot of boredom :o)

Anyhow, yesterday I had a nice chat to the beautiful Charlotte (Becca's sister) about stuff. Becca is now at Uni, so I wanted to know how she was getting on and such. She's washed the purple out of her hair, it seems. Shame, it really suited her. Oh well. Anyhow, also spoke to Michelle on the bus yesterday (and said hello today). She's working at Lower School this year in "Learning Support", and is going to Brum next year. She ought to be going there rather more rich than she would be if going this year.... Just hope she's having enough fun there, that's all...

Why are dreams so cruel? For the first time in a long while, I had to write a dream in my (physical) journal rather than in my book of dreams. This is basically because it was rather special. I won't go into specifics (not because I'm too shy to tell you - I'm not. But you don't want to hear), but basically it was all just so darned perfect. The best dream I could possibly have, while remaining believable, as it goes. And then I woke up, and it physically hurt that it was just a dream. So very infuriating, really. For once, I wish one of those things would just be reality.... Oh well, Uni soon, just gotta keep faith that my luck will change (now who can tell me what that's poorly paraphrased from?)... Anyhow, I'm now off to bed. I shall, no doubt, be updating a little more frequently now that this PC is properly online. Until then, goodnight :o)

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In response to your poser

just gotta keep faith that my luck will change (now who can tell me what that's poorly paraphrased from?)...

James - Tomorrow. For what its worth, its one of my favourite inspirational pick-me-up-out-of-my-suicidal-state tunes.

Excellent. So, umm, what do I win?

Re: In response to your poser

You win the knowledge that you were damn well right. And that I agree with your views on the song :o)

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