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Sum 41 at the Brixton Academy - a review
Well, I've just got back from the concert, so I guess I owe everybody a description...

First off, I just love the venue - Brixton Academy looks so pretty from the outside. A couple of thousand fans standing in line in front of you, however, do not. Finally got to the back of the queue and waited for like a year. Oh well, these things happen. Finally got in, and waited around for the hour or so it took the support band to get on the stage.

So, the support band, eh? I don't know their names, but they're a real throwback to the old days of punk, and not necessarily in a good way. I took from the cries of the crowd "Fuck off!" and similar that they would agree with me. Spitting into the crowd, nudity, smashing up the stage, all the antics that bad punk bands tend to do in order to draw attention away from their poorly shouted music. No offence, I'm sure...

Anyway, after they finally took the hint and pissed off, there was a 90 minute wait for the band - I hate when that happens. Still, can't be helped. They came on and opened with Nothing on my Back, and from that point I forget what songs they did in what order - I was too busy bouncing around to remember. However, what I do know is that they played every song off the album All Killer No Filler. They also played Machine Gun, and I think there may have been another one too, but I didn't know it.

Not much I can really say about it really - the audience was great, I've never jumped around so much in my whole life... Too many times I found myself in the center of a clearing in the crowd, and subsequently got flung around everywhere, but that was all in good fun anyway. Their best songs were probably Handle This, Summer, and Rhythms, but that may well just be because of my own personal preference for those songs. Who knows...

For the most part, they just played the songs, although at one point (during Handle This), they did get a load of girls up to play Twister on the stage, and then had a couple of them making out a bit. As you do... Can't think of much else to say about it really - they ended it on Pain For Pleasure, as one would expect (started and finished with the first and last songs on the album, and such).

Anyhow, that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I might add further details later if they spring to mind....

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you are sooooo lucky!

i have been in search of tickets to a sum 41 show thats gonna be happening in LA, which is the closest they'll get to me. unfortunately, i have not had such luck. on their site, it says that they will be in LA on the 23rd..but to my dismay, according to ticketmaster, they will be in Dallas, Texas on the 23rd. i guess they changed their schedule. ive seen them perform on Saturday Night Live, and they seem like one of those bands who just kick ass Deryck is hot :0)

Re: you are sooooo lucky!

The UK Blink 182 concert (that they were supporting at) got postponed, which meant that Sum 41's plans all changed and stuff... But yeah, I'm pretty sure they're in Texas on the 23rd, with The Vandals - heard it from a few places now...

was there too

Yeah, I saw Sum 41 @ Brixton Academy as well.. they absolutely rocked! I was shaking with adrenaline when I got out of there. Can't believe a venue that large was so massively packed. The support act was called The Parkinsons. They sucked major corporate cock. Nuff said.

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