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I was going to fly American Airlines at Christmas, but I'm thinking not now... I'm sure they're very good and will be very safe, but... well... no.

So here's your mission - find me a cheap flight from Heathrow to JFK on the afternoon of Christmas day from an airline that doesn't let its planes fall out of the sky, and isn't going to go bust...

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umm... excluding taxes GBP 259.00 leaving december 25th and returning january 2nd... only 21 seats left!

I'm as good as on my way...

Hmm... I'd love to, but they're being crappy with me right now :o\

I just spent £350 on a ticket (including travel insurance) from British Airways, even though they're not doing so well right now. If it all goes down the pan, at least I'll get my money back (hopefully), but it shouldn't come to that.

Heathrow (London) to John F Kennedy (New York) on BA179

Depart: >
Tue 25 December 2001 19:45 Arrive: >
Tue 25 December 2001 22:30 Baggage Allowance:
2 piece(s)

John F Kennedy (New York) to Heathrow (London) on BA178

Depart: >
Wed 2 January 2002 09:00 Arrive: >
Wed 2 January 2002 21:00 Baggage Allowance:
2 piece(s)

Seriously - what are the chances of a 4th air disaster involving the same company in the same year? All the plane crashes are done for the year, and with the tightened security you're not going to get hijacked.

Yes, yes this is a secret bid by myself to get you flying on AA so you can crash, burn, and importantly die in a spectacular televised fireball. :o)

If I die, I'm coming back to get you, bztch...

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