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For fuck's sake....
First planes crash into the WTC where Gwyn works, then they crash into Rockaway where Auntie Barbara, Liz and Cathy live (although according to the map on the news, it's a safe distance from where they live)... This is just beginning to take the piss. Hope they're unaffected :o\

It's so weird, I look at the news reports, and I recognise all the places in Rockaway, on account of how that's where I stayed... I feel kinda cursed - over the summer I stayed in Pennsylvania, Manhattan, and Rockaway - it's a worrying pattern. If I'd stopped over in DC, then I'd be feeling cursed...

The pictures just now showed a shot of Rockaway, and I saw the flats where my relatives live - thankfully, they're at least sufficient distance away that they should be okay.



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