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American Hi Fi are playing a gig with Sum 41 tomorrow, but alas that's no good for me tonight since they're playing Brussels tonight. And I'm, like, not going to be there. They're playing ULU on Thursday, but that's no use to me... And I know Sum 41 are playing with The Vandals (another good band) when they get back to the US, but that's no good to me either.

Gah, there's nowhere I can find out. Maybe I won't know until tonight. I hope the support band is somebody good.... Oh well, time to sleep now, I think...

Update: Before I forget, David, I forgot to tell you the other week, so I'm telling you now - I've never known anybody to snore as loudly or as often as you do. No, really, I mean it - you're worse than anybody I know. Just thought you'd like to know that :oP


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