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Gotta hand it to 'em...
This whole "Not Another Teen Movie" thing didn't look so good at first... But, never one to totally dismiss an idea (ha, yeah right, I was just bored so I gave it another chance) I decided to watch the trailer - looks quite funny... Then I looked at the website, and decided I like it - any movie that will register and and (to name but a few) has to be good, right? I mean, it really is such a piss take... Listen to this entry from the website describing characters:
The Tourette's Girl
I represent the handicapped. It's always fun to make fun of the handicapped. But now that we're all so "enlightened" it can't be a blind guy or someone with polio or heaven forbid your garden variety retard -- no, tourette's is safe because it's an intrinsically funny handicap.
Token Black Guy
I represent the quintessential outsider who is accepted enough to be free to comment on the unfolding action but is never an actual participant (because none of your women will sleep with a brother).
And finally
Creepy Film Guy
In life, the only important thing is art. In art the only important thing is film. In film the only important thing is beauty. In beauty the only important thing is floating plastic bags. Therefore, the only important thing in life is floating plastic bags. Art. Life. Plastic Bags. Mystery....

I represent either the misunderstood sophisticate or the gay guy, depending on what movie you're talking about or why I'm getting beaten up.
I mean come on, this is just the website, I can't think of more than a dozen reasons why the film might suck, and that's better than most.

In other news, earlier on after the pub, we (by which I mean me, Jimbo and Harry) went back to 73 to see what they've done with it. I have to say, they've not done much - it kinda sucked compared to when we lived there. They have a TV in the dining room with a playstation and an N64, thus assuring that all conversation there is dead. Half the fun with us was that gathering in the dining room was a social discussion type occasion, and watching TV, DVDs, or playing video games was always in the comfort of somebody's bedroom as a special getting-together type thing, rather than just as an everyday thing. In short, we did it better.

What surprised me was how people tackled getting in there and stuff. It turns out, despite being very shy, I'm not actually that shy. Vicky, Lollo, Alex, Harry, Jimbo, none of them had the guts to actually talk to these people and invite themselves in. It was up to me to knock on the door and say "Hi, this might sound weird, but we used to live here last year, we were just wondering if we could take a look around the place again..." - I was the only person who actually dared to do it. Yay me, and my new-found people skills.

Anyhow, Grapevine wasn't that much fun, but then again, it's not too important. The important thing is we all hung out together again for the last time - I made everybody piles of bacon when we got back, like, a lot... Which was nice - people appreciate being cooked for when they come in from the pub, I think.... It's great, I really am a new person here. I've just, like, changed so much, and stuff....

And on that note, perhaps I'll go to bed. My stupid Internet died shortly after my last post and I couldn't get it working again, which was annoying :o\


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