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Ah, nice...
Got the new computer today. Athlon 800, very quick, loads into Windows so fast... Very nice. Currently populating it with this (the LJ updater software), MSN Messenger, Winzip and Winamp. Just the bare essentials... :o)

ICQ will be on soon, but until then, sorry to all the people I can't talk to. Oh well, tough luck. Anyhow, more later...

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(Deleted comment)
>Finally. :o)
>Now post the details.
>Processor? (Thunderbird or not)
>Main board? (Brand)

And chipset. .-)

>Memory? (Amount and speed)

And brand... .-)

>Harddisk? (Size and speed)

And brand...

>Videocard? (Brand)

And specs...

>CD-ROM/DVD? (Speed)

And brand...

>CD-RW? (Brand (haha, for all Dutch readers) & speed)
>Monitor? (If new, of course: brand and screensize)

And max res... .-)

>Mouse? (Brand, ball or optical, roll- or not)
>Keyboard? (Brand. Wireless or not. Only interesting if Logitech)

Why would that make it interesting?

(Deleted comment)
>>>Main board? (Brand)
>>And chipset. .-)
>Not necessary with Brand. (Okay, and Type)

Of course you do. Several brand names have Athlon boards based on several different chipsets that perform differently.

>>>Memory? (Amount and speed)
>>And brand... .-)
>Not interesting at all...

It is to me, but I'm a hardware junkie. .-)

>>>Videocard? (Brand)
>>And specs...
>Not necessary when brand is known

Yes, there isn't much difference between the Voodoo Rush and the Voodoo 5 5500, or the nVidia TNT and the nVidia GeForece 2 GTS now is there?

>>>CD-ROM/DVD? (Speed)
>>And brand...
>Not important at all

It certainly is. Some drives like(like ones from Hival) have a pretty high speed, but tend to live a short life, hence the reason for the lawsuit against them.

>>>Keyboard? (Brand. Wireless or not. Only interesting if Logitech)
>>Why would that make it interesting?
>Because he would have a Logitech Wireless Keyboard then, and they are cool. :o)

Doesn't matter much to me. If all the keys on my old 102key keyboard still worked, I'd have never switched to my current 104key keyboard. Heh, that old thing was ancient when I got it with my 386... .-)

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