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Gah! :o(
I think my guitar may be on the way out. But I hope not. I mean, it could just be the strings going. Whatever it is, my Eb Ab and Db strings are sounding bad. Might be something to do with me leaving it tuned down half a step, or to do with me very often having the capo on there (like almost constantly), or something... Anyhow, so I now need to buy some new strings. And if that doesn't work, start looking for a new guitar. I've got my eye on a bass guitar, simply because I do okay on bass, and I honestly don't think I can ever be good enough on lead guitar to play it properly, whereas bass I think I stand a better chance. I really do want to be in a band and stuff, so....

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Awww James!

That picture! You look so cute! . . hehe
Sad, but cute

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