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Save Afghanistan, Bomb Alabama
No offence to any hicks or anything, but come on.... This is what I'm talking about, this total crock of Christian shit. I can't believe they're still doing this, it's so utterly stupid, to be frank. The Bible says nothing that contradicts evolution, and as far as I'm concerned, Genesis as good as supports it, by illustrating the order in which life evolved, going from simple to complex. So why do morons in Alabama fail to grasp that their pointless argument is futile and that they should just go back to having kids with their relatives...

Here's an example of their mindless idiocy:
That sticker contained questions students should ask about evolution, such as: "Why do major groups of plants and animals have no transitional forms in the fossil record?"
Well, I'm no professional Biologist, but I gotta say, that's a pretty simple question to answer. In a transition phase, the mutations go pretty quickly on the appropriate time scale. As the species evolves, the intermediate stages die out quickly, because they have no niche. In the case of Apes to Humans, the "missing link" was only around for a short amount of time, because apes did the ape stuff better, and humans did the human stuff better. The missing link did nothing better and so died out quickly, leaving very few remains. I mean come on, those inbred tits could at least employ researchers to ensure that their arguments are sound...

Anyhow, so I'm still awake, and in a confrontational mood..... :o)

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They do...

Actually, it's a fallacy that no transitional forms exist in the fossil record - they do, but Creationists refuse to accept it.

heh, try living next to Alabama *sigh*

Click here for an anti-evolution comic and if you want to read more of them (including anti-pagan, anti-Catholic, and of course anti-gay comics), they're listed here.

That is truly, truly frightening.

Heck yes. I never want to go back to that site. Scary people :o\

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