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Woo, I win
I used the word "implicative" the other day, and people thought I made it up. Feckin' arts students, they know jack shit... I just looked it up, and "Implicative" is a synonym of "Suggestive", defined as "Tending to implicate / imply, e.g. an implicative statement". I knew I knew what I was talking about :o)

As a result of my being so right, I just had to wake Alex (at 5am) by calling her on her mobile to let her know. That'll teach her for laughing at my vernacular :o)

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I keep doing that. I've found over the past year or so I start using "complex" words in my speech, as well as my typing.

But you're right, feckin' arts students. They're almost as bad as the student teachers *waves fist angrily*

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